saWaDee kap...

seLamat dTg, saWaDee kaAp n ....اهلا وسحلا

Thursday, August 19, 2010

lec bg keja byk sgt byk sgt :(


xtau nk wat yg mna dlu..penat da la
tp naseb baik kna antr sblum blek aya...hehe :)

selamat sipakan asGmnt yer kwn2
SelamaT aRy raYa....

Monday, August 9, 2010

rini hEpy ngat...k.long (hazwani pai 2) bg gelang silver
i like it...:) syukran k.long
pa2 pn, bnda owg bg smua kita ska kn even bnda 2 biasa jer..
nk pky raya t...g pun silver g cntik dri emas kn..^^
aini da 2 glg dah...yeye~

byk ari da xley bka facebook...
xtau lptp ni sepa :(
mst byk komen da kn lam 2...fb bkn tuk komen ja
cntact kwn2, xley cntact da la..ahaks~

xpa2, t try g...lalala ^^

I will say... "I am beautiful, you are beautiful, she is beautiful too, and they are all beautiful. We all will always look beautiful."

Then a person might ask me, "What makes you think that way? "Or the least, "Perasan...You look normal to me."

And what do you say? Isn't beauty is too subjective? Hard to identify and classify. Everyone is different."

Yeah I know...

"Beauty isn't just about the look. Beautiful person is the one with beautiful heart. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

"Look! She is beautiful! She is hot!. Put on some colors on your lips. You ain't look hot without make-ups, not beautiful..."

That is it. Enough! Different people with different definitions..Different people with different opinions..

Wait. If that so, how about those who were born to be "I am not beautiful" or "You are not beautiful?" Do not worry. Do a plastic surgery!

Then waste my money? No. I do not want that. Even if I'm to be the richest person in the world.. I will never do that! Insha'Allah...

"But why not?"

Because you will end up being buried like other dead people do. Then after a while your beautiful skin, look, body will no longer be the same and will no longer look the same. You are no longer beautiful! Beautiful? Hot? Ugly? Hidious? It doesn't matter anymore. So what is up with all those plastic surgery and make-ups? They are not worthy. Not at all!

"So what's 'beauty' for you then?"

Oh! Simple..."Natural pure-beauty..."

"How is that?"

My answer is: Be thankful for who you are, despite of how you looK, be thankful for what you have as Allah SWT has given you what is best for you, be thankful and stop comparing yourself with what other people have and feel enough with what you have will make you the richest person on earth..

Stop focusing on the physical (the look) and start perfecting your heart (manners). Then you will result in tranquility, trust me. Oh Muslims! We are all beautiful because we are Muslims. Beautiful by the way of Islam sees us. Beautiful by the way of Islam shapes us. Beautiful in a way Allah and his messenger wanted us to become to.

So I will say...

"You and I are beautiful. No difference..."

BecaText Coloruse you and I are the same,
Sharing a very common thing,
Sharing the same beauty of Islam,
Sharing Islam and that we are all Muslims.
Islam is beautiful. Therefore, we are all beautiful, insyaAllah...